Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lingerie

Lingerie is a French term, referring to women’s undergarments. The word ‘lingerie’ is very feminine and denotes excitement, sensuality and elegance. The word lingerie does not point towards the dull collection of everyday underwear but captures the feminine, fashionable and adventurous essence of all women. Lingerie is the most intimate wear of any woman, and often becomes a secret expression of her innermost feelings. No wonder women of today are attracted to a glittering array of lingerie styles, colors and textures.

For the modern woman, lingerie should be perfect blend of comfort and style. It should be made from functional and soothing fabrics like cotton, hosiery, silk and satin. Lingerie can be categorized into many items. Thongs are alluring and one of the fastest selling pieces of lingerie.

Panties, also known as briefs, knicks and smalls, are popular lingerie. Camisoles are pretty and charming underwear. Slips, either half or full, are generally made from satin or charmeuse. Bras or brassiere, are one of the most intricate pieces of lingerie. They can be further classified into sports bra, push-up bra, strapless bra and padded bra. Nighties, nightgowns and nightshirts are nightwear essentials.

All lingerie is machine made but some specialty shops offer hand-sewn items. Some even design lingerie to your specifications. It is very common to have wedding, honeymoon and anniversary lingerie designed.

When buying any piece of lingerie, one must be very careful about the sizing. Lingerie is numbered in different sizes according to the bust, cup size, waist and hip measurements. If you are buying a particular piece of lingerie for the first time, it is better to try it on for size and comfort. But if you know your sizes, you can order lingerie on the Internet. When you buy new lingerie, check the washing instructions, warranty details and exchange policy of the store. Some popular brands of lingerie e are Gossard, Marks & Spencer, Sloggi, Victorias Secret and Wolford Lingerie.

Top 10 Tips For Buying Women’s Lingerie

For any man buying a woman lingerie can be a very challenging experience. However, the time spent on this task can really show a woman just how much they mean to the man in their lives. To help you men we offer below the top ten tips for buying women’s lingerie and which should make this task so much simpler in the future.

Tip 1 – Although you may think a woman looks great wearing a thong unfortunately there are plenty of women who aren’t comfortable baring their bottom in such lingerie. Rather what you should be doing is actually choosing lingerie which not only they feel comfortable in but also which flatters the areas of their body that they like.

If for example the woman you are buying for has nice legs then buy her a baby doll set or short chemise which helps to show them off better.

Tip 2 – It is crucial that when buying women’s lingerie a man knows her bra size. Unfortunately if you get this item wrong it isn’t going to be something that she will enjoy wearing. If it is going to be a surprise gift then without her realizing it check out what size is in the bra’s she wears currently or even ask one of her friends. But if it isn’t going to be a surprise present then ask her directly and only order such lingerie items if you are absolutely sure you are going to get exactly what she needs.

Tip 3 – It is important that you know exactly what body shape your partner has as what you may not realize each piece of lingerie will sit differently on each woman. The shapes that women tend to be are pear where they are small on top and then taper out towards the hips. The upside down pear where a woman has smaller hips but wider shoulders. The hour glass figure is where everything is evenly proportioned. By knowing her body shape you will be better able to select items of lingerie that will flatter it.

Tip 4 – Another thing you need to be aware of is the kind of personality your partner has. If she is an outgoing person then you can choose lingerie that is a little more exciting and daring. Instead of sticking to the norm go for things with more outrageous colours or even for animal print styles. As for the more demure type of women stick to the classics that come in subtle shades and colours. What you should never do is purchase clothes that you think that they should be wearing to make you happy.

Tip 5 – You need to look carefully at the colours of the lingerie you buy for your partner and again take into consideration the kind of woman she is. If your partner is a brunette then she is quite capable of wearing the much bolder colours such as emerald greens or deep purples, whilst a blonde is able to wear more effectively lingerie that comes in pastel shades.

Tip 6 – Think about how the lingerie is going to feel against her skin when she is wearing it. Okay lace may look nice and sexy but can be very uncomfortable as it can irritate the skin. Ideally it is far better to go for materials which are more tactile and feel more comfortable when worn such as silk, satin or velvet.

Tip 7 – It is a good idea to find out what makes of lingerie your partner enjoys wearing and if you can purchase items from their ranges. The most favoured types of lingerie that many women enjoy wearing are those made by La Perla, Agent Provocateur and Victoria’s Secrets. If you can purchase items from these ranges and you can’t go very wrong in getting your partner a present that she will enjoy wearing for a long time to come.

Tip 8 – Although you may not think it a good idea but get her friends involved as they will really be able to tell you what she likes wearing. They will be able to give you a clearer idea of what styles of lingerie she likes to wear so you don’t make any mistakes, but also they will know which companies she prefers.

Tip 9 – If you are going to be purchasing any lingerie on line it is best not to purchase through an auction site although the prices may be less. Rather by going through a reputable online store they often provide a guarantee where goods can be returned as long as they are not worn and they can either be replaced or a refund given.

Tip 10 – Yes you have brought your woman some wonderful lingerie but don’t just give as it is instead spend time making sure that you package it correctly first. It is important that you make the gift look as pretty as possible and always line the inside of the present with some nice tissue paper that is wrapped around it. Along with the lingerie why not put another small gift into the package such as some jewellery or perfume.

Above we have offered ten top tips for buying women’s lingerie. Keep these in mind and your girlfriend and partner may choose to provide you with your own special viewing of what you have brought them before you go out one evening.

For Men: Advice for Buying Your Woman Lingerie

Clearly, when it comes to buying lingerie for women, most men do not know what they are doing. They look out of place in the store, do not know sizes beyond a rough guess, and have no idea what makes their women feel beautiful. Usually in a lingerie store, guys pick out something they think is sexy, and hope for the best. The most important thing he has to remember is to save the receipt, because there is a pretty good chance she will return what he buys. With a few easy to follow tips, buy lingerie for that special someone that does not end up unused in a drawer.

The first mistake that men make when buying lingerie is picking out what they like rather than what she likes. It important to take a woman’s own personal style into consideration. If she is generally conservative, buying an elaborate see-though outfit with a thong is probably a mistake. Women have their own individual styles, and that extends to what they wear in the bedroom. If she is conservative, try an attractive robe or a sheer nightgown. Of course, if she is more adventurous, the see-through outfit with garter belts might do.

Second, know her size. Before you enter the lingerie store, arm yourself with her sizes. Women’s sizes are quite confusing, so enlist the help of a female friend, and have these sizes ready for the salesperson. If it is all too confusing, or you do not know what size to buy, the best policy is to stick with lingerie like robes and chemises that come in basic sizes like small, medium and large.

It is also important to shop at a store that specializes in lingerie. Do not attempt to buy an intimate gift like lingerie in a department store that features its selection next to the winter tires and weed wackers. Look for quality lingerie in a store that specializes in this type of merchandise. Not only does a specialty store feature higher quality lingerie items but the sales staff are better trained and more helpful. They have dealt with clueless men before, and you benefit from their expertise.

Finally, learn the basic terminology of women’s lingerie. You may know what a garter belt is, and can confidently describe the purpose of a thong, but have no idea what other items are considered lingerie. For example, a camisole is a strapped undergarment that covers the chest. Other terms include a baby doll – a cupped bra connected to a short shirt, a peignoir – a type of dressing gown, or a bustier – a cross between a bra and a corset. There are many other terms, beyond the scale of this article for you to learn to show off your expertise when entering a lingerie store. If you follow these basic tips, you are better equipped to deal with the confusion that buying lingerie brings. Do it right, and your woman might actually wear what you buy. Help her feel good about herself and enrich your time spent in the bedroom and beyond.

Why Most Women Love To Wear Sexy Lingerie

It is no secret that women like lingerie. While men often like to see women wearing lingerie, women enjoy even more wearing lingerie. Good lingerie can make a woman feel sexy, no matter what she is wearing on the outside. Inside, she knows that she is wearing sexy lingerie and it gives her confidence. The feeling of sexy confidence is just one reason why women like lingerie.

Over the centuries, women have used lingerie in many different ways. Corsets were in fashion up until about 60 years ago and women would bind themselves into corsets to get what used to be called an “hourglass figure.” It was desirable, in the early part of the 20th century, for women to have small waists. For this reason, girls were often put into corsets at a young age so that their waists would not get large. It was uncomfortable, unhealthy and restricting to say the least. Nowadays, women like lingerie for the way it feels on their skin as well as the way it makes them feel about themselves.

Lingerie is still used to improve what are often seen as “flaws” in the figure of a woman. Women will wear control type panties if they wish to flatten their stomach and buttocks. Women with small chests will wear push up bras or padded bras to give them more cleavage and allow their clothing to look better on them. In the mirror, a woman will examine herself in lingerie and like what she sees as she will often purchase products that will enhance her figure and hide her flaws.

In addition to being figure flattering, lingerie will make someone feel sexy. It is normal for a woman to wear sexy undergarments or nightgowns when going to bed to try to evoke passion in her mate. A woman uses lingerie to invoke the sense of sight when arranging for a romantic evening with her partner. She will often wear enticing lingerie that she knows will arouse him.

The feeling of such fabrics as silks and satin on bare skin is pleasing to most women and this is yet another reason why women like lingerie. Good lingerie uses quality fabrics, such as silk, that feels good against the skin. There is much lingerie in the silk line that make a woman feel comfortable as well as sexy.

Even women who are single and without a significant other in their lives revel in lingerie. It is not only used to arouse a mate, but also as a confidence builder for any woman. A woman wearing sexy lingerie likes the way she looks in the mirror and knows that she will be desired. Just because a woman is single is no reason to give up wearing sexy lingerie. With the confidence that she gains by feeling good about herself on the inside, she will not be single long unless she chooses to be.

Fine fabrics, ribbons and laces have been coveted over the centuries by women who generally like to have feminine, pretty things. Many women enjoy the sensuality of just being a woman. They enjoy painting their nails, wearing make up, wearing certain scents and lotions and wearing feminine style clothing. In addition, women like lingerie because it makes them feel more like a woman in every way. It is not only, if purchased properly, used to enhance the figure, but also to make a woman feel more like a woman.

Each day, most women work hard the same way as men do. Many women work today in fields that were strictly only for men 30 years ago. It is nice for a woman who works in such a field to remind herself every once in a while that she is a woman. Although she may be wearing a hardhat and jeans, if underneath she is wearing a lacy camisole, she will feel very much like a woman. It is probably for this reason the most why women like lingerie.