An Intimate Gift for Two- Lingerie

Many of you guys out there are aware of the benefit of surprising your lady with flowers, chocolate, or maybe some jewelry, but I wonder if you have ever considered lingerie? Some of you out there think “Why lingerie, we’re just gonna’ take it off in 5 minutes.” That is exactly my point, does jewelry and flowers work that fast? Nothing makes your woman feel sexy, beautiful and wanted more than a gift of lingerie.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape she is, you giving her lingerie as a gift, will tell her how sexy you think she is. Lingerie is an intimate gift for two. When you give a woman lingerie it shouts “I want you!”. When she puts it on for you it says “I feel beautiful, I feel sexy, and I want to please you”.

We have a bulletin board in our shop that reads “Lingerie never killed anybody, well, maybe a heart attack, but, what a way to go. Then again, lingerie has been known to bring the dead back to life.©”. That caption gets a few smiles. Then again, those that come into our shop are already aware of the benefits.

You may be saying, “Our relationship is just fine, she already knows I love her and I think she is sexy”. Does she? Ask yourself, does she really know that I get turned on by her? When was the last time you told her? The longer you are together the more assurance she needs. A great article on how to make the perfect romantic evening is titled “Lingerie Bowl at Home.” You may want to read it.


We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we often forget to tell each other, just how much we mean to one another. It’s not anyones fault, it just happens. We have a tendency to take things for granted. Two of the biggest complaints I hear from women is “We never talk anymore.” and, “We don’t make love anymore, we just have sex.”. Hey, sex is great, I’m all for sex. When was the last time you made love? Communication, and honesty are the two biggest successful relationship factors. Maintaining a deep passionate love for one another is next in line.

Sure, flowers, jewelry, and chocolate say I love you. But lingerie says, I love you, I want you, I find you sexy, and, I have a deep burning passion for you. Thats why lingerie. The intimate gift for two. If you want to know how to pick out lingerie, read my article titled “Picking the Right Lingerie for your Gal.”

Wear Lingerie, Feel Confident And Sexy

Many women will not realise this, but buying nice lingerie can really to boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Sadly, many women who have lower confidence will simply assume that they could never pull off such an adventurous outfit.

Drumming up the courage though, can be a really uplifting and exhilarating experience for a woman. Lingerie does not need to be a serious affair, it can also be very good fun and enjoyable for all involved!

The choices

There are many different materials to choose from, different styles of lingerie and plenty of exciting colours for the more adventurous woman. Sizes aren’t an issue either, there is plenty of lingerie available to suit every figure in every size.

Going out

If you are not ready to been seen in just your lingerie, wearing a nice set beneath your every day clothes may seem daft, but it can be a fun little secret and a great way to try out lingerie just for yourself, before sharing it with a special someone… Who says you can’t just treat yourself?

Types of lingerie

Whatever your style, there is a wealth of different lingerie options to choose from, so make sure you have a good shop around and pick a style that you like and feel comfortable in.

The simplest option of course is a bra and brief set, but just because it’s simple, don’t under estimate how sexy this type of lingerie can look if picked carefully. With lacy styles and sheer fabrics you can find a very seductive look to flaunt.

For more daring, options such as Basques, corsets and bodices are old favourites, and cami tops, camisoles and baby dolls offer a lighter alternative which many women find more comfortable and fun.

The key to picking lingerie for yourself is to find a style that makes you feel good. If you don’t feel sexy and confident in what you wear, neither will your partner and any enjoyment will be lost. So find something that works for you and be proud to show yourself off, even if just to yourself!

Go on, try it out

Until you have tried it, you might not believe how good some nice underwear can make a woman feel about herself, but it really is something worth trying at least once. You never know, you might wonder why you had never tried it sooner!

Lingerie Parties

Most women like to own an exquisite set of lingerie to feel good and look good. A well-designed piece of lingerie can accentuate the physical appeal of a woman. Lingerie can be easily purchased from departmental stores and exclusive lingerie stores. Lingerie stores have a baffling range of lingerie products and it can be embarrassing for some women to take a closer look at all these items. It may take hours for them to explore all the available options in lingerie. Taking all such factors in to consideration, many established lingerie stores allow people to host lingerie parties in their stores.

In a lingerie party, groups of people come together, have fun, eat, and shop for their favorite lingerie at the same time. Many retail stores offer free gifts to their guests for coming down and having a look at various products. Any individual can become the host of this party against a small fee, which can vary depending on the type of stores. Many retailers refund the fee if the sale goes beyond a certain limit. The retailers offer various incentives to the host and may offer a free lingerie set to the host as a gift for organizing a lingerie party. The hosts receive a certain percentage of the company’s sale amount as an incentive for organizing such a party. Since several like-minded people come together and tend to influence each other’s preferences, the sale is usually high in such parties.

Lingerie parties can also be organized at homes. The hostess invites her friends and other people who would be interested in such type of parties. She gets in touch with her favorite lingerie retailer who sends a representative with product catalogs, and lingerie samples to her house or the site of the party.

Many retailers send a variety of lotions, oils, and other related products along with the lingerie samples. The hostess can include various games in lingerie parties to make them more interesting.

Buying Lingerie For Her? Consider These 5 Things

Planning to glam up your woman with sexy lingerie for her birthday or your anniversary? Brave man! But, are you sure you have got the basics right? Basics, you ask? Yes. Pointers, guiding lights, beacons in the darkness, that kind of stuff. Feminine undergarments is a zone where only the brave venture, but not necessarily win. Which is what makes lingerie not the easiest of presents to give a woman. You need to be aware of what you want as well as what she requires and attempt a seamless integration of the two.

Here are 5 things to consider before buying lingerie presents for her.

1. Does she really want you to buy her lingerie? It may look like a sexy gift (and, it is, if the right one is given), but in reality, a woman is very, very particular about what touches her the most intimately. Comfort may be the overriding factor for one, while sensuality may be what the more adventurous woman is looking for. If give you must, then choose it well. A great lingerie gift can make a woman feel very sexy and special; on the other hand, a wrong choice can send her self-confidence plummeting.

2. Learn to differentiate between sexy and tacky
Are you even aware that the twain are different and do not meet? For a woman, lingerie qualifies as tacky when it makes her feel sleazy instead of sexy and confident. Tacky can also be anything that makes her struggle and twist and heave into for the best part of 20 minutes. Okay, you have your fantasies and all that, but does she share your enthusiasm for pole dancing in bits of lace or leather? Remember, great lingerie does something to a woman. It makes her feel like a powerful seductress. (So, you end up benefiting too!)

3. There are different types of lingerie – which is the best gift to give?
Women usually have two sets of lingerie – the routine, everyday stuff and its sexier and wilder counterparts (meant for ‘special’ occasions). Avoid the first group simply because the daily stuff does not qualify as gifts. This means, no tights, no padded bras (shock and horror!) and no ‘undies’. It pays to remember the golden rule of lingerie gifts: Always spend more than you thought possible!

4. Keep her personality in mind
What sort of a person is she? Chilled out and casual, a perfectionist, feminine and dainty? Your lingerie gift shouldn’t be diametrically opposite to what she is comfortable wearing. So, if she is on the conservative side, don’t go for thongs or G-strings. When is she going to wear your gift? Lazing on the couch on Sunday morning (sorties and a camisole are a safe bet), or under her evening dress on special nights out (go for the kill – stockings, suspender, bra and thong).

5. Don’t goof up on the most crucial aspect – the size
There’s no way you can afford to get this one wrong. Your lingerie gift may have burnt a small hole in your pocket, but if you have goofed up on the size, then you might as well kiss goodbye to your chances of success. If the gift is too big or too small, you are in BIG trouble. To avoid this mother of all bloopers, you need to find out what size she buys. Go on, discretely rummage through her underwear draw. Better safe than sorry.

Get it right and it’s going to be a new high. Receiving a sensuous and seductive lingerie gift from her man makes every woman feel desirable, sexy and super-confident.