For Men: Advice for Buying Your Woman Lingerie

Clearly, when it comes to buying lingerie for women, most men do not know what they are doing. They look out of place in the store, do not know sizes beyond a rough guess, and have no idea what makes their women feel beautiful. Usually in a lingerie store, guys pick out something they think is sexy, and hope for the best. The most important thing he has to remember is to save the receipt, because there is a pretty good chance she will return what he buys. With a few easy to follow tips, buy lingerie for that special someone that does not end up unused in a drawer.

The first mistake that men make when buying lingerie is picking out what they like rather than what she likes. It important to take a woman’s own personal style into consideration. If she is generally conservative, buying an elaborate see-though outfit with a thong is probably a mistake. Women have their own individual styles, and that extends to what they wear in the bedroom. If she is conservative, try an attractive robe or a sheer nightgown. Of course, if she is more adventurous, the see-through outfit with garter belts might do.

Second, know her size. Before you enter the lingerie store, arm yourself with her sizes. Women’s sizes are quite confusing, so enlist the help of a female friend, and have these sizes ready for the salesperson. If it is all too confusing, or you do not know what size to buy, the best policy is to stick with lingerie like robes and chemises that come in basic sizes like small, medium and large.

It is also important to shop at a store that specializes in lingerie. Do not attempt to buy an intimate gift like lingerie in a department store that features its selection next to the winter tires and weed wackers. Look for quality lingerie in a store that specializes in this type of merchandise. Not only does a specialty store feature higher quality lingerie items but the sales staff are better trained and more helpful. They have dealt with clueless men before, and you benefit from their expertise.

Finally, learn the basic terminology of women’s lingerie. You may know what a garter belt is, and can confidently describe the purpose of a thong, but have no idea what other items are considered lingerie. For example, a camisole is a strapped undergarment that covers the chest. Other terms include a baby doll – a cupped bra connected to a short shirt, a peignoir – a type of dressing gown, or a bustier – a cross between a bra and a corset. There are many other terms, beyond the scale of this article for you to learn to show off your expertise when entering a lingerie store. If you follow these basic tips, you are better equipped to deal with the confusion that buying lingerie brings. Do it right, and your woman might actually wear what you buy. Help her feel good about herself and enrich your time spent in the bedroom and beyond.